How to do

If GetProno get winning a team with the high odds, it means that he has to play against another much stronger team is GetProno probably does not have an historic to compare the two teams heads up. In this case we recommend betting on the GOL or the OVER, because it means that at least one goal the team that is not favored marks it.

If instead GetProno provides a UNDER, it most likely means that the team has the same strength and if in addition provides a 0 to 0, together with UNDER we also recommend a tie X

Another case to consider is when GetProno provides a 2 to 2 or a 3 to 3, in this case it would be better to aim OVER instead of GOL, because most of the times in the meetings the team that continues to score is only one and the other, statistically ascertained remains at 0.

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